Search Filters & Tabs

Search or browse about millions of products from top 1200 online stores. Wide variety of filter & sorting functions to enable users to search by category, store, Location by seller or by keyword to zero in to find the right product. It also displays recommended tabs below the search bar to facilitate user look into more options.

Just as you'd type in keywords to general search engine to find the websites you want, introducing search functions allow our customers to filter and sort the products, helping them quickly and easily land on the types of products that they want. Providing effective sorting and filtering for product listings can play a major part in helping users find, and eventually buy the products they're looking for. By applying location filter, you can easily narrow down the search to see which products are being offered in your city rather than going on to the website and reviewing each product’s availability.

Let’s say you are looking for over-ear headphones, that have good reviews from buyers. To help you with that Pricemeter has made a buying guide for headphones that you can reach directly by searching on the search bar. On this page, you can select which type of headphone you are looking for, and Pricemeter instantly presents you with a list of suggestions. You can narrow it down further by filtering on price, stores or wireless type. By doing this, Pricemeter has done a lot of hard work for the customer. In a couple of seconds, you have a manageable list of headphones to go through.

With effective filtering and sorting options, we put our customers in the driver's seat of the online shopping experience. They get to decide exactly what products they see, and in what order they see them.