CEO Message

As there was an enormous gap and very less working on price comparison websites in Pakistan. Also, we have observed customers tend to pay more while purchasing when they don’t use any price comparison app, and rest spend plenty of time on the internet browsing through multiple tabs across different websites in order to obtain the best possible rate of an item that they desire to purchase. After analyzing the behavior of online shoppers and foreseeing the market trend in the future, our team decided to create a platform where millions of customers can be catered at the same time to get the best rates of a certain product on a single page to save their time and money.

As online stores are emerging day by day in Pakistan. However, consumers are commonly not aware of the fact that there are numerous stores which offer products that they are looking for at competitive rates. Most importantly, the traffic on search stores are extremely low. Pricemeter provides the platform to bridge this gap between consumers and online merchants, the fair number of traffic will be distributed among these online stores. 

We provide much cost-effective advertisement forum to the online stores/merchants who lack online visibility and due to which their online sales suffer. As the rates of advertisement on other social medias are superbly high, their CPC is not affordable by many startups and even small and medium online merchants cannot bear the high conversion cost.

Pricemeter offers state of the art ad placement options where you can have an entire control over all the ads that you place on our website, access to the statistics to monitor the trend. Your ads can be placed on top-notch slots in extremely affordable prices and reach out to millions of viewers easily. We offer you equal and fair opportunities to get the most out of pricemeter and attract as many consumers as you can by placing promotional deals and competitive rates in order to boost your sales. We have only one objective: to ensure our clients mission objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance, and at the lowest possible cost.