About Us

Price meter is Pakistan’s first price comparison website with millions of products under various categories. It is the biggest search engine with access to more than 1200 online stores across Pakistan. It serves as a platform where customers can not only look up the prices of their desired products, but also compare them with other similar products’ prices and see which price suits them the best. It is your ultimate online shopping assistant which directs you to the most convenient price options as per your preferences. Unlike traditional price comparison means, Price meter helps you in saving your time, money and efforts by searching the desired products and their prices in just a matter of few clicks. Not just that, it also keeps the customers updated about ongoing deals and discounts which help them capitalize on them and save more money. Millions of products from hundreds of categories enable you to keep prices in check and maintain a healthy budget for your household and official expenses.

To date, people are keenly invested in comparing prices before making purchases. Our website makes price related research easy for customers as it serves as a one stop solution to all price comparison needs. In the absence of such website, customers tend to search the price of every single product individually on General Search Engines. This task becomes very tiring and time consuming, still doesn’t deliver the desired satisfaction to customer as it comes with certain uncertainty. One big advantage is that it makes customers aware of exciting deals and packages to help them capitalize on the best discounts even if it is totally unplanned.

Through marketer’s perspective, Price meter serves as a platform which contains all competing products across different brands who deal in similar products. This helps them in keeping a close check on competitors’ offers and tailor their offers accordingly in order to attract and capture a large customer base.