Your Printer May Become The Reason That Hackers Can Access Your Windows Account

Your Printer May Become The Reason That Hackers Can Access Your Windows Account

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There is a major glitch in Microsoft Windows and hackers are exploiting it to the full.

Microsoft has renewed its documentation on the "PrintNightmare" vulnerability affecting Windows PCs all over the world. The corporation currently maintains it is informed of the problem, which authoritatively includes circumstances where the Windows Print Spooler service may implement privileged file procedures and enable hackers within your machine.

Although it's vague if this vulnerability influences complete variants of Windows, Microsoft states that the problematic print spooler code is pervasive throughout all types of Windows. The print spooler is what typically manages print functions in Windows. Precisely, hackers can abuse that code to operate random code with which to access system rights.

This can be practised to introduce and install programs, design, modify, or remove data, or even build distinct accounts with complete user claims. Microsoft's documentation explains that the weakness has been proactively misused, suggesting it is out in the free and used extensively by hackers.

As a consequence, Microsoft is checking if each variant of Windows is liable to be exploited. If you're concerned, Microsoft recommends users stay attuned to a support page for the latest news. Microsoft also specifies that the weakness in the system started ere June's 2021 security update. It's vague if the update can repair this weakness. Nevertheless, it is yet great to install the June 8 safety updates to be protected.

There are a few workarounds for this problem. Still, they cannot be done by a layperson and are up to system administrators to facilitate. The primary workaround is to hinder the print spooler service utilising Powershell. But, this might end up impairing the capacity to print from a PC and the network. Another quick solution involves implementing the Group Policy to incapacitate remote printing, which will block the remote features of the weakness by limiting inbound remote printing services. The U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency also suggests heeding these steps as well.

It's not very unusual for hackers to attack and target printers and the printing service in Windows. Back in 2018, hackers were equipped to utilise traditional printers to penetrate home networks.

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