Textile industry to stage a nationwide protest

Textile industry to stage a nationwide protest

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The textile industry is facing a dire shortage of yarn, they have threatened if the government will not ensure the availability of yarn the industry would go on a nationwide protest.

Textile exporters have been in contact with the government for the past 5 months regarding the issue of shortage of raw cotton for the preparation of orders. The exporters displayed the fear that the non-availability of raw material is affecting the production of their orders, which will push their foreign buyers to cancel the orders given to Pakistani Textile companies and will divert the orders to the other regional competitors of the business.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Council of Textile Associations Chairman Zubair Motiwala said “The inconsiderate response is tantamount to lack of priority and non-seriousness towards value-added textile exports.”

Discussing the importance of the textile industry for the economy of Pakistan, he stated “This segment contributes around 62% to total exports, provides 42% of urban employment, particularly to the female workforce, earns the highest foreign exchange and supports approximately 40 allied industries.”

He advised the government to declare a cotton emergency and permit the duty-free import of cotton yarn and imply a ban on its’ export from the country. He also indicated that if the government will not take these steps, the economy of the country generated by the Textile industry will fall.

Concluding the press conference he remarked, “It is government’s responsibility to decide whether it wants to enhance exports or trigger a large-scale shutdown of export industries.”

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