Leyjao.pk is the most price conscious online shopping destination

Leyjao.pk is the most price conscious online shopping destination

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People buy products online for many reasons. One is that they can easily view products from dozens of stores at once and find a wider selection since the whole shelf space isn’t an issue online. This allows them to read reviews and compare prices to select the most affordable product. 

It is hard to know which online marketplace truly has the best prices. We searched through different sites and compared prices to eventually come to a conclusion. 

Leyjao.pk has been dominating the e-commerce market for a while now. From a fledgling online marketplace to one of the most trusted online shopping site in Pakistan, Leyjao.pk is gaining consumer confidence and offering everything on one platform ranging from electronics, womenswear, menswear, homeware, furniture, beauty products, and a great selection of unique Pakistani products.


Leyjao’s path to ecommerce success

Today the average Pakistani shopper is price – conscious. In line with its reputation as an affordable Pakistani marketplace, Leyjao.pk serves shoppers with the lowest prices and great deals.  In order to make itself a trusted destination for e-commerce across the whole country, Leyjao emphasized original products at blockbuster discounts of as much as 80%. 


From attractive product content to reading accurate customer reviews and checking prices, this online shopping portal is reliant through all stages of the shopping journey. 

When it comes to all thing’s tech, on average, tech products were 3.19% cheaper at Leyjao than Daraz. Household items and apparel were another category where Leyjao had the lowest prices on the majority of the products. 


Key Takeaway

Leyjao.pk’s rising popularity among Pakistani consumers indicates that it will continue to grow. Leyjao’s vast product catalog, convenience and low prices appeal to the Pakistani online shopper.  Selling on leyjao is an option for everyone, especially new sellers without a proven performance record.  70% of Pakistanis believe the majority of consumer shopping will happen online in the future and Leyjao.pk will be there to serve them.

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