iPhone 13 and New Redesigned MacBook Pros to Launch in September

iPhone 13 and New Redesigned MacBook Pros to Launch in September

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It seems that finally the MacBook Pros are getting the much-hyped announcement

For all the fans of MacBook Pro laptops, it has been quite a tough time. The rumours of a new and refined MacBook Pro has been doing the rounds since forever. Still, these rumours have not materialised into a traditional laptop. Launch dates and months have passed by, but there has not even been a glimpse of the much-hyped MacBook Pro. Presently, a different potential announcement date has raised its head.

As per a report by DigiTimes, Apple is preparing to make a clear-cut statement about the MacBook Pro in the third quarter of this year. This quarter starts from 1st July and ends on 30th September. The report, therefore, forecasts September to be a probable launch date. This report is also backed by a Bloomberg reporter called Mark Gurman. He is notorious for following all news related to Apple and has been responsible for many leaks. Bloomberg itself is a well-reputed global newspaper slash magazine. Its very name lends credibility to the reports circulating on MacBook pro.

Gurman has reported in a recent statement that "Apple has a new entry-level iPad for students and revamped MacBook Pros and iPad minis coming later this year." He also has predicted that Apple product news will remain quiet for some time to catch people unawares. A September launch could suggest that Apple is preparing to announce the laptops adjacent to the iPhone 13, which is usually invigorated in September.

Digitimes report has hinted at Macbook Pros' announcement but has even prophesized that the demand for these laptops will peak in October of this year. This has an important implication. Since Apple gives at least two weeks between announcement and shipping, we can expect the event to take place around mid-September.

Digitimes has hinted at another development as well. It has revealed that Apple is preparing to increase its investment in mini-LED panels steeply. The MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 are rumoured to have mini-LED screens that will have a stunning display quality. It is said that the new MacBook Pros will have a flat-edged design, more port variety (including the return of MagSafe), and an updated Apple Silicon chip. With these redesigns, this will be the most significant overhaul that Apple will make to MacBooks since 2016.

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