Everything To Know About Apple iPhone 13

Everything To Know About Apple iPhone 13

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The new Apple iPhone 13 series is significantly different from the 12 series but for the better!

Apple iPhone 12 series is not yet too old but those in the know have been gossiping about the latest iPhone 13 series and its imminent launch. The last series was a significant change in the iPhone series because of the way the company changed its design, refined its cameras, and much more. But the gossiping we have heard at Pricemeter is enough to show that the latest iPhone 13 will be much better. Here is what we know about the phone so far.

iPhone 13 Design (Battery, Camera, Touch ID, and more)

The iPhone 12 series was not a change in design, it was a reversion to the older design of the iPhone 4 and 5 models. The major difference was that the latter series was bigger in size. Since most users have lauded this design, the 13 series is not expected to make any change to the overall design, except for a few tweaks here and there.

The latest leaks have come from the notorious leaker Jon Prosser who claims that he has obtained CAD renders of the 13 series. The render reveals a new diagonal camera layout and also a slightly thicker build. We assume the thicker design is due to a bigger battery that the phone hosts and therefore the 13 series will significantly improve the battery life of the 12 series.

Rumormongering amongst tech nerds has indicated that Apple is most likely not going forward with a charging port. Instead, Apple is looking to push the MagSafe charging but the decision is not yet final and Apple is sitting on the fence, at least for now. A renowned TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in 2019 that Apple would remove ports from all of its devices by 2021. Although the outlook did not come to fruition, the idea persists. Thus Apple may not bring MagSafe to all devices but it could still introduce it to iPhone 13.

Another hard-to-ignore rumor is the inclusion of a smaller notch in the 13 series. It is said that Apple wanted this addition in iPhone 12 but could not do so. This rumor has also been brought to us by the distinguished leaker Ice Universe. He says the notch will be shallower. But a leak from Everything Apple Pro suggests that the notch will be narrower, not smaller. In any case, the notch is getting a redesign, becoming a surety every passing day.

The 13 series may also bring back Touch ID. The pandemic has shown that although a powerful Face ID is exciting, it is not always the most pragmatic or safe. The pandemic has shown that facemask is a major obstruction to Face ID and pulling the mask off time and again to open one's phone is dangerous. Lastly, the color of the latest iPhone may considerably change to include matte black and rose pink.

iPhone 13 Display

iPhone 12 carried OLED display tech to all the variants so that the viewing experience is almost the same for all models. iPhone 13 series will obviously carry the technology as well. The difference will lie in the refresh rate which is expected at 120Hz. Although the rumor mills have been producing the idea for some time now, it was even rumored to be included in the 12 series, but Apple has been reluctant due to the faster battery drainage. But as we have seen above, the thicker design and a larger battery may allow Apple to tinker with the idea with more practicality. This report was circulated by a Korean website, The Elec, which also says that Apple will also incorporate LTPO technology for a higher refresh rate. The phone will also have an "Always-On" display and will have a toned-down lock screen, showing time and battery level.

iPhone 13 Specs

Jon Prosser says that some of the iPhone 13 prototypes offer a hefty 1TB storage capacity, double the space proffered by 12 series. Many other assumptions based on sound information can be made about the specs of the 13 series. For example, it can be safely assumed that the new iPhone will have an A15 chip having a 5nm process. Apple is investing billions of dollars into the company's indigenous chip-making capacity such as laptop-class M1 processors. M1 has already been incorporated into iPad Pro, in addition to being a part of Macs. Although M-class chips will not make it to iPhones very soon, even the A-class chips will significantly boost the performance of the phone. DigiTimes report has revealed that A-class chips are being produced by TSMC and will continue to do so.

iPhone 13 Cameras

The iPhone 12 did not receive as large of a camera ascent as opposed to the iPhone 11 series, but it nevertheless outlined a step up, particularly when it comes to the bigger sensors and the sensor-shift tech on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Surely, that tech will come to lower-end iPhones in 2021, and reports maintain that. One rumor implies that all iPhone 13 designs will receive the related sensors as the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Different rumor, however, proposes a distinct upgrade. That is, all four iPhone 13 models will get an ultrawide camera having an f/1.8 aperture. It’s remarkable to see that Kuo contradicts this, assuming that exclusively the iPhone 13 Pro models will receive a broader aperture. Kuo does, though, state that the ultrawide camera will get autofocus for the first time, which will be an important rise for the camera.

It is also being said that iPhone 13 will focus a lot more on astrophotography and can also be switched to automatic mode. Other claims include portrait mode videos, adjustment of bokeh effect, lidar sensor for faster auto-focus, and augmented reality support.

iPhone 13 Price and Release Date [Expected]

The new model is expected to carry a price tag similar to that of the iPhone 12. Since Apple usually releases newer models in September, that's when this model can be expected to be released as well.

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