Everything back-to-normal from 1st march

Everything back-to-normal from 1st march

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Education ministry has announced that schools will resume to have their normal full time routine from 1st march.

Ministry of education has decided to reopen all the educational institutions on full-time basis from 1st March. All the educational institutes will remain open for 5 days a week after the announced date.  Minister of Education, Shafqat Mehmood has announced that government of Pakistan is very eager for resuming the full time educational activities. He also emphasized that it is responsibility of all the educational institutes that they make sure that Corona SOPs are being followed.

2020 has been a tough year for the entire World. People had to remain confined to their homes for most of the year. Now gradually things are getting back to normal as many pharmaceutical companies have started to produce Corona vaccines. 

Government of Pakistan is also very eager to take measures to normalize the social and professional life of its’ citizens, as before. Different institutions of sphere of human life were reopened with some minor restrictions and regulations.

Along with the educational sphere, Government has also allowed other businesses to continue to work on normal basis, following Corona SOPs. 


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