Apple Has Just Announced iOS 15 !

Apple Has Just Announced iOS 15 !

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The new iOS 15 is packed with features such as SharePlay, Live Text and Wallet which touches on all major aspects of Apple's user experience.

Apple just conducted WWDC 2021 where Apple made several major announcements, one of which pertains to its operating system. Till now, Apple devices have been running on iOS 14 but Apple just declared a major change in the status quo. Apple reported that a new iOS 15 will be rolled out soon and will have many new features and significant changes to the overall look. Some of them are discussed below.

SharePlay & Shared With You; Sharing is Caring

Apple understands how valuable video calling and messaging are in today's world. There have been major updates for both FaceTime and Messages that have been instituted around SharePlay. The SharePlay technology is all about togetherness; listening, watching, and sharing concomitantly with friends and family. For example, let's say you are FaceTiming your best friend, by quickly pressing play in Apple Music, you can listen to the same track together. Both the participants will have control over the play/pause button. The same concept works with the video which can be streamed to an Apple TV at the same time. The SharePlay API will bring many apps such as Disney+ and TikTok amongst partners. There's even the option to share your screen so multiple partners can browse the internet together.

Shared With You is another cool feature that enables users to share articles, songs, and photos as a message. Photos have an option for integrating photos for many people in one place.


There are many changes within this category such as the Notification Summary which shows notifications in a block to give a more simplistic, cleaner, and minimalistic look. The notification block also prioritizes various types of notifications that the phone receives. For example, app reminders will be put on hold and important messages will be shown first. It even monitors your app interactivity to gauge which app would you like to receive information from first.

Another feature Focus complements the Notification Summary. Users can let their phones know their mindset, such as work, personal, sleep, and Do Not Disturb, and notifications are accordingly shown. Once this status has been defined, it applies to all Apple-connected devices. The iOS 15 gives a text that is clear and app buttons that are large to give a visually aesthetic look.

Live Text

This is surely one of the coolest features to have been announced. The concept behind it is very simple and the need for it very great. Living in a newly founded digital era, we have the experience of both the physical and digital world. For example, many people like to brainstorm on paper. But they have to copy their ideas monotonously on their computers once the brainstorming session is complete. This can be frustrating and time-consuming.

With the Live Text that Apple has introduced, people will be able to convert text on a physical sheet of paper and convert it to a digitally alterable text on the new iOS 15. The app identifies even numbers from a photo via the on-app intelligence. Similarly, Visual Look-Up allows users to search an object from a photo while Spotlight enables users to scan a real-world object and search it on the internet.

Photos Memories

Apple Music has been integrated with Memories, where iOS 15 will create more interesting and individual collages of pictures and videos depending on your actions. It presently institutes these brief shows with Apple Music tracks personalized from your inclinations and relevant to the setting. The images also move, depending on the beat. To personalize them even more, you can adapt these by utilizing Memory Mixes to modify the pacing, songs, and even the appearance using distinct filters. And iOS 15 proceeds to examine the Memory and offers additional suggestions on the songs to use, depending on the tastes of the user.

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet has the capability to hold your car keys, business cards, national ID card and now has the option to include even hotel keys. Hyatt Hotels is one of the first partners of Apple that gives access to keys for over 100 hotels around the world. Many more are expected to be added soon. Driver's license is the first personal document that the Wallet sets up and will be stored safely behind an encrypted defensive wall.

Apple Maps

Apple is extending Maps coverage to Spain and Portugal promptly, and then Italy and Australia before the conclusion of the year. It is also offering an augmented reality (AR) landscape to a range of cities before year’s end. It has been awarded a perceptible overhaul with an interactive globe overview. There are loads of distinct features including custom-designed landmark icons, distances, elevation, and a night mode with a moonlight look.

Driving routes have been renewed in iOS 15 with added granular features on the map, that introduce bus lanes, crosswalks, bike lanes, and more useful guidance for complicated intersections and turn lanes. These details are to be included initially only for Maps in iOS and will later also be added to CarPlay. For people using public transit, Maps will remind you when your stop has come.


The weather app has also gotten a great enhancement in terms of visual display as many new animations have been introduced and the graphs are more informative due to their in-depth analytics. The app also goes to full-screen mode and gives a high-resolution display.

Release Date

iOS 15 is now an official reality but its release date has not yet been announced. Since the beta version is yet to be rolled out and its results compiled and refined, we can expect a mass roll-out in the latter part of the year.

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