Xiaomi's Latest Affordable Sporty Smartwatch

Xiaomi's Latest Affordable Sporty Smartwatch

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Inexpensive Smartwatch with True Attraction

Xiaomi has made its name as a serious contestant in the world of smartwatches. It offers a more significant value for money than its competitors. It is affordable, making it accessible for most people and reliable due to its long-running warranty. Mi Watch and Mi Watch lite are one of the most sought after watches globally and concentrate profoundly on health and sports tracking. The look has a trendy round design with beautiful esthetics. It comes at less than half the Apple Watch Se or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. 

Design of Xiaomi Mi Watch

  • The watch has a 1.30-inch screen
  • Resolution is 454 x 454
  • It is 5ATM water-resistant 
  • It comes in three colours; blue, black and beige 

A few years ago, the smartwatches that came in this price range used to be made of cheap and substandard quality. They neither had a visual appeal nor any practicality. That has changed as Xiaomi has introduced its many quality-centric brands, one of which is the smartwatches. Mi Watch consists of a 45mm polyamide plastic case which is smaller than others. It has a thickness of 11.8mm, and the casing weighs at a nominal 32g. The round esthetic has been complemented by the matte look giving it a minimalistic look. 

The watch has two buttons on the side; the upper one brings out the home screen and Alexa, while the lower one is used to unveil workout modes. The front screen is 1.39 inches, but it is surrounded by thick bezels, which reduce the appeal a bit. However, the screen itself is bright, vibrant and pleasing to work with. You can keep the screen turned on 24/7 while the watch will adjust brightness automatically. The water resistance is at 5ATM, which in other words means that you can even swim with it. 

Xiaomi Mi Watch; Software features 

  • The watch has a custom OS
  • All essential notifications pop-up 
  • There isn't an option for payments or built-in music though
  • Amazon Alexa works excellently 

Xiaomi has used Google's OS for its previous square-shaped smartwatches. Still, this time around, Xiaomi has used its own custom OS, having a Wear companion and self-made interface. The swipes on-screen lead to different widgets such as the activity performed, controlling the music, updates on weather and sleep patterns. 

Swiping down leads to a screen showing notifications from social media apps and emails etc. However, not all apps have the same compatibility with the watch since a few apps don't have viewing as good as others. If you swipe up, you'll go to the settings screen to tweak how you'll like the brightness and access Alexa etc. 

The Xiaomi Wear Watch 

  • The watch does not support the third-party apps
  • Gives a report on workout and health 

The phone app has a big avatar taking up considerable space. At the same time, you can see your latest data numbers on the Status page, and Workouts lets you observe your outdoor data analytics. The Profile screen enables you to play around with the watch faces you'd want on stagnating mode. One significant shortcoming of this watch is its inability to hook up with third-party apps like Strava or TrainingPeaks, so you can't get information from such apps. 

Fitness and Sports Tracking 

Xiaomi is touting this watch in its marketing efforts as a device that helps you keep track of your health and sports activities. So on the sensor front, you have the option of tracking heart rate in real-time, motion sensors for indoor training, air pressure and other types of climate data. A GPS system has been pre-installed that maintains GLONASS for a larger map area. 

The watch features an impressive 117 workout modes, of which 17 are the most essential and offered by the high-end watches. When it comes to health, users can track their heart rate, sleeping patterns, stress level observation and energy levels, etc. 

Battery Life Of Xiaomi Watch 

  • The battery life has been quoted as 16 days
  • GPS tracking is mentioned at 50 hours 

The battery packed in Mi Watch is a 420 mAh that is touted to have a life of 16 days. The battery life gets 22 days by disabling features such as a heart rate monitor or other vitals. But then these numbers are based on average usage. If you're a gym enthusiast having a vibrant social life and a running business, you would probably need it more than anyone, so the battery life fluctuates. However, none of the customers has yet complained about drastic decreases in battery life after long and consistent usage. 

Our Verdict 

The watch has a light and trendy design with excellent battery life. At a price like this, the watch is filled with hundreds of features. However, only basic notifications are allowed from other apps. The heart rate accuracy isn't always on-point, and the most significant loss is the incompatibility with third-party apps. Even then, the value for money is superb, and the latter hindrances should not deter you from buying it. 

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