Bytedance overshadowed Google and facebook in App downloads.

Bytedance overshadowed Google and facebook in App downloads.

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On AppStore Tiktok is downloaded more than the applications made by Google and Facebook. Tiktok crossed apps like Zoom, Facebook, Whatsapp retaining the third position in AppStore

In June 2020 India banned Bytedance generated app Tiktok which developed a vacuum and many new video sharing applications were released in the market like MX Takatak, Moj, and features like insta-reel.  Even after a backlash in India, by end of Q4 of the year, 2020 TikTok remained on the top in downloads regarding its’ genre.

 TikTok was the top app by global downloads in three out of the four quarters in 2020. After Q1 the ban of the app in India slowed down its’ growth in numbers. Facebook remained a dominating company in the business with four of the next five apps following TikTok. Besides TikTok, Zoom was the only non-Facebook app to rank in the top five.

Zoom remained the most downloaded app in the US for the three consecutive quarters, with installs down more than 50 percent from their peak at 41 million in Q2 2020 as offices and schools closed in response to Covid-19. 

In Europe, TikTok topped the app downloads for the two consecutive quarters. Its top markets included Russia (with 31 percent of the app’s downloads in the region), Turkey (18 percent), and Ukraine (7 percent). TikTok was the top app in Europe on Google Play, surpassing 20 million downloads for the five consecutive quarters.

“TikTok surpassed WhatsApp, the top app in 2019, attaining nearly 987 million downloads in 2020, an increase of 37pc year over year.

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