Changan Pakistan On Its Way To Lead Car Industry

Changan Pakistan On Its Way To Lead Car Industry

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Indeed Pakistan is witnessing an SUV revolution. On the roads everywhere, it seems that SUVs are raining cats and dogs. And now we have another surprise by Changan. Not only can Pakistanis expect standard SUVs on their streets, but they can also anticipate self-driving cars! Even though the western world is torn because of technology, the eastern side has quickly adopted it. Reports had been coming that China was developing its self-driving cars, now Changan Pakistan is testing just such a car on highways. Behind this fantastic invention, danger looms as well. A few days ago, Tesla suffered a car crash in the USA that immediately killed both its passengers. These cars are not yet suitable for mass usage as the technology has not been perfected yet.

But having a prospective future where self-driving cars would become a reality is a concept too exciting to ignore. That is why, when the idea was wafted on Changan’s Facebook page, the entire car community sprang into action. CEO of Changan Motors Pakistan told the fraternity, “The future is here; it is just not evenly distributed. Changan Pakistan is here to change that by bringing the future to Pakistan and indigenizing autonomous mobility. Changan Auto is the leader in advanced mobility technologies in China, and we see no reason why we cannot introduce them in Pakistan. We aim to catalyze a safer tomorrow by bringing to Pakistan the very best in global autonomous technology.”

The technology that is used behind autonomous cars is being developed for employment on Pakistan’s roads. Changan’s vision is simple, which according to its CEO, is Future Forward, Forever. The vehicle which will be the carrier of this technology is called UNI-T and contains many groundbreaking technologies. The driver will be able to “talk” with the car through a dual-screen touch interface, voice commands, and facial recognition. The vehicle has been designed in a way that resembles a spaceship from Star Trek movies.

The UNI-T possesses a sound level-3 autonomous capability, which means that the driver will still require to keep the steering wheel in their hands and have to sit alert. But the driver will not have to accelerate nor apply brakes and can look away from the road for an extended period. The car also comes with driverless self-park technology.

Many people, however, have been skeptical of Changan’s move since the brand is considered a substandard one due to Chinese parts usage. China has unfortunately not been able to assuage these fears regarding its products, and neither has it been able to enhance its perception. Cars in Pakistan are a luxury item in a household, and people don’t want to be stranded in the middle of roads. That is why Changan should, as many experts believe, focus on superior customer service and upgrade production and deliver quality cars. Alsvin is a case study, and its reviews would determine whether the brand can succeed in the Pakistani market or not. Therefore, before making a giant leap of introducing self-driving cars already fraught with accidents and apprehensions, Changan should focus on quality products and service first.

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