2022 AirPods Pro To Include Fitness Tracking

2022 AirPods Pro To Include Fitness Tracking

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According to the latest inquiry by Bloomberg, the Airpods Pro true wireless earbuds might include an ability to track the workouts of users. The investigation also made more claims regarding Apple's plan to launch inexpensive AirPods in the latter part of this year. However, the former Airpods Pro will have motion sensors integrated into the device that will allow users fitness tracking. The addition of these sensors also makes sense for the company since Apple has a long history of fitness-focused features that go as far back as 2006 when Apple partnered with Nike. Nike added small sensors into its phones for them to send data back to the iPad nano or iPhone.

Since those years, Apple has considerable expanded the number of its offering via Apple Watch to include tracking steps, heart rate as well as blood-oxygen levels. These applications were so successful that the company had to come up with an Apple Fitness+ subscription service that enables people to attend expert-led exercise routines that is available throughout Apple's devices.

One problem with Apple Watch is that it is expensive. And everyone who does follow Apple Fitness+ may not own an Apple Watch as well. So that is why the inclusion of sensors on Airpods Pro makes it more accessible to the people and even allows Apple to combine two sets of data from two different devices into one user-friendly workout analysis. And Apple is not the first one to start this trend. Jabra's Elite Sport true wireless earbuds which were released in 2017 also have built-in heart rate monitors and much more. Even Samsung, Amazon, and Bose included such sensors on their earbuds way before Apple did.

But it's not just about the sensors. Any device can have any number of sensors. Their real utility comes from their ability to capture data and then present it in the most meaningful way for users. Many devices do not have the right coding behind their facades and therefore users do not get accurate reports of their workouts. Similarly, many Samsung devices do not show a consistently accurate heart rate. That is why Apple's inclusion of sensors in its earbuds is a newsworthy occurrence.

Apple's sensors paint a very precise picture of users' workout routines and the associated analytics. Apple's development of an iOS built-in fitness app or the Fitness+ service includes a suite of software and services that give people an immersive view of their overall health and progress towards personal goals.

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